Grounds Maintenance

Thompson Estate Maintenance (TEM) offer a comprehensive range of services to suit all client needs; from landscaping to grass cutting and tree surgery to ground clearance. Our clients vary in size from the Highway Agency to domestic gardens, so no job is too big, or too small.

At TEM we pride ourselves on the quality of our service. Our staff are all highly trained, health and safety is a key priority and we are noted for the innovations we have introduced to improve the quality of our product, the safety of our staff and our efficiency.

TEM use state of the art machinery, including remote controlled mowers, and we even design and build our own equipment to address specific market needs; our 50° tree stump grinder is a unique TEM development that allows stumps to be removed on steep banks whilst maintaining the structural integrity of the bank itself.
Estate maintenance operatives utilise some of the most advanced equipment in the UK, in order to increase efficiency and ensure industry leading standards of health and safety.

Radio Controlled Robotic Mower

Our state of the art radio-controlled robotic mower is made by a company called Irus who are a German manufacturer and have been around for 87 years, it is a very capable machine that will fulfill all your needs. Some of its features include: 

Lower centre of gravity than any diesel tracked remote control mower. The engine is up to 30% lower than competitors. The traction unit is 25% lighter to provide traction on 50 degree slopes or traversing soft terrain. The perfectly balanced traction unit is quite unique

New 38 HP Turbocharged Kubota engine with special engine cooling features.

Larger radiator with hydraulic thermo controlled reversing system

Tilting engine allows weight transfer to the high side track when traversing across slopes while controlling lubrication at safety levels.

Shaft driven hydraulic pack with upgraded high capacity axial piston pumps

Large swing up extruded aluminium twin hydraulic oil coolers mounted in the front of the machine, this prevents hydraulic heat transfer to the engine cooling system.

Choice of tracks, rubber, rubber / metal inserts with cleats / rubber metal inserts with spikes.

Attachments include stump grinder, forestry mulcher, flail decks, side shift mechanisms, helicopter sling frame, brush protector, rotary broom, sickle bar mowers. And more.

Forestry Mulcher, able to mulch a 200mm branch or quickly dispose of a 400mm stump, in one pass. Utilises the new higher capacity and power axial piston pumps and motors while ensuring continuous power provided by the oversized hydraulic oil cooling system.

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